Can Somebody Help Me!!!????!!?????

  1. [color=#ff0080]ok as i mentioned earlier in a previous one of these things, i graduate very very terrifyingly soon, and i have no clue as to what do with my resume, i havent taken boards yet so i have no license # and when it asks for my experience i have none except for what i've done on clinicals and im sure that dosent even count!!
    [color=#ff0080]what do i do?????
    [color=#ff0080]plz help me asap!!
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  3. by   KimRN03
    Make SURE you put your clinical experiences on your resume. After all, you did take care of those patients so you do have some experience. Highlight some of the more complicated clients that you have taken care of. Be confident that you do have skills that hospitals can use and you will be an asset to their staff.
  4. by   Vailgang

    Make sure you ask your instructors if you can put them down as a reference and I am sure that they will call to see how you was as a student. If you got to know any of the nurses where you did clinicals ask if you can use them as a reference as well. Tell your desires as a nurse and what you want to do. You will do fine.

  5. by   RNSuzq1
    Wow Vanessa,

    Only 18 years old and an RN - that's fantastic. I don't think I'd worry too much about your resume - any hospital you apply to is going to realize you're a new grad. - have to start somewhere right?

    Best of luck to you in your new Career. Congrats!!! SusanNC
  6. by   nursenessa24
    Thanx U Guys
    Need All The Help I Can Get
  7. by   dwag
    i agree with what has already been posted but to give you just a little bit more encouragement - when i was a tech the majority of new grad rn's at the facility i was at only had clinical experience as well. they hadn't worked in the heathcare field. I agree that your clinical time is valuable experience and should be indicated on your resume - maybe mention the areas you were in and what you were interested in.
  8. by   irishrose53
    look in the yellow pages for a pro to do your resume for you. it's not that expensive and they have alot of experience. when your your age and fresh out of school your resume is going to be short---------but sweet.
    Good luck.