Can i sue my nursing school?

  1. Hi I've done 2.5 years of nursing and my teacher failed me. No reason and was the last day of class she told me this. I had no idea. Anyways she stated I would be a better social worker and to take a year off to think about it. Well I appealed it and lost. Well I applied to transfer schools and we have these assignments we do every semester they have to keep on file and I need for me to graduate and transfer schools. Well they lost them half of them. One of them they lost is the only thing saying I failed. I passed marks wise in the class but failed me on this assignment that they lost. I now can no longer go back to school because they do not have these assignments they were suppose to keep on file.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Hi, there. I'm sorry for what has happened to you.

    However, nursing programs typically do not fail students for 'no reason' at all. Instead of spending time, effort, and money on a lawsuit against your former school of nursing, your energies should be directed at figuring out what went wrong in this situation or simply starting over fresh at another nursing program.

    Since the membership of is not permitted to exchange legal advice, this discussion is now closed. I wish you the very best of luck in your future endeavors.