can anyone help

  1. i am a nursing sudent and i can not get this critical thinking together i failed all many test in adult 1 and can only fail the class 1 more time i need help please does anybody know of any tutor or workshops anything that will help. my husband bought all kinds of books and things and he is very supportive and is stressing just as bad as me i am in memphis tenn
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  3. by   RN4Nascar
    Im sorry to hear youre having a tough time, When I was in Nursing school, I went to my teachers, one on one, if I had questions.
    Try to find your weak areas, also another idea, I used to come home after lectures, and re read notes, read from text on what we discussed that day in class. In the evening, I did @ 75 NCLEX questions on the areas we went over that day. It really helped me grasp things also.
    I also didnt work as much, and ate healthy..still do, work out, still do lol, I struggled with semesters, had to repeat 2 different ones, it was not easy for me in Nursing school.
    Also find a study buddy. Just keep it to another person. My study buddy is now my best friend!! We studied on the phone, it was fun and helpful.
    Hope things get better!! Hang in there!!
    Hope this helps
  4. by   Alois Wolf
    I'm addicted to Note Cards, personaly... I use them as flash cards and just go over them over and over and over and over. Monotonous, but God are the effective.
  5. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry you're having a tough time. Best wishes. Will move this thread to the student section, where hopefully you will find some support.
  6. by   Daytonite
    hi, kaybear2431, and welcome to the student nurses section of allnurses!

    we have a sticky thread that you should read and check the weblinks on.
    getting a good nclex review book now and studying and learning how these application (critical thinking) questions are constructed is something you should start doing. there are a number of these books on the market. the basic strategy for answering the kinds of questions that instructors and the nclex put on these tests is this, you must:
    • know and consider the normal anatomy and physiology
    • know and consider abnormal anatomy for the disease in question
    • know and consider the resulting signs and symptoms when the disease occurs and how they proceed from mild to fatal - each sign and symptom can be related back to the pathophysiology of the disease
    • know and consider how the doctor diagnoses and treats the disease in question
    • know nursing interventions for the signs and symptoms you are being asked about
    • know the steps of the nursing process and what goes on in each of the steps and consider how they are affecting the question you are being asked
    • know and consider the principles behind the actions being done - there are many kinds of principles: principles of nursing, principles of biology, principles of chemistry, principles of physics, etc.
    • read the stem of the question carefully and answer that because the test makers try to trip you up by distracting you with conflicting information they give you in the answer choices that sounds good but has no relationship to what the question is asking for
    • ask yourself "why" a patient is experiencing some sign or symptoms to get at the underlying problem. nursing like other disciplines treats the problem/signs and symptoms.
    you will find lots of help in the sticky threads of the student forums here, in particular
    you can always post questions that you have. you will get better responses from other students and there are nurses who hang out here specifically to help the students. good luck to you. see you on the forums.