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I just wondered if anyone else was being pushed into buying books for their course, that are't necessarily vital because their tutor wrote the book? I don't mind buying things like Martini for A&P... Read More

  1. by   imeejon
    Yes.We are always being told to buy the tutors books,but I never do as they are mostly crap.Coventry Uni has a great library and I try there first.My first buy was the Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures,the best there is, outside of the USA. I got it at a boot sale( thats a flea market, guys) for 5! I have a few others bought new. I am only buying those which will be of use to me after (if?) I graduate.
    Are you an RCN member?If not join it. You can get Nursing Standard for about 75% off the news stand price,and access to their on-line references.
    Right now there is an offer from Nursing Times for nurse students to buy for 3 years at 36 the lot(12 a year).The news stand price is 1.10 a week!
    I'm surprised you think that so many books are only from the UK.
    I hate to admit it,but most of the best books on nursing and related studies are published in the USA! They are far ahead of us in that respect.
    Anyway,you can still buy from Amazon UK and similar which will save you money.

    Hi again Essarge.
    Spanish? Really? and someone else mentioned American History(A bit shorter than ours!) On a nursing course?
    Luckily,in the UK there are no 'general' subjects added to University courses. You are supposed to have finished them at grade school.Also we don't have classroom teaching at college level. We do have lectures and guided studies. Your practical stuff seems better than ours.

    Hey prmenrs
    Waddjumene? Whisper and me,we don't live in a 'developing country'! Lets get it straight.The UK is in the 1st world,The US is in the 2nd world, and Osama bin Laden is in the 3rd world (or the next world). However if any of you guys want to send you books over.........even the Spanish ones as a0 I'm going to Spain for Xmas thru New Year, and b0 the UK is busy recruiting Spanish nurses as we are even more short of staff than the US,and we have already ransacked the Philippines.
  2. by   Whisper
    I didn't mean that there weren';t any good american books, I was just getting fed up with beeing told to buy american books, buying them, and then being told to buy the tutors 'English version' Just becasue they spell words 'corectly'

    And I wish
  3. by   Whisper
    I didn't mean that there weren't any good american books, or that there were only British books out there, I was just getting fed up with being told to buy American books, buying them, and then being told to buy the tutors 'English version' Just becasue they spell words 'corectly'

    And I wish I could buy an RMM for five quid!! But I think I'll manage a bit longer by looking at the ones on the ward. I have paid my fee for the RCN, but they have not contacted me, apart from taking the money from my account, and I do recieve Nursing Time, I love the prep section it is a great source to learn from.

    And as for don't get me started, it was so expensive, I tend to get my books from Waterstones, and also I have classroom teaching on a college level, so it must just depend on where you are training.

    Okay, so here endeth the rant of today!!
  4. by   prmenrs
    Well, I certainly didn't mean Gr Britain as an underveloped country--I had in mind Africa or something. Sometimes, groups that have missions in places like Africa, and they could use 2nd hand books for a library, hospital, school.

    Cut me some slack, please?
  5. by   imeejon
    Prmenrs, just joking (British humour!). Keep up the good work,