But...what else?

  1. Doesn't it just crack you up that in clinical when you're talking with your instructor (or handing in those dreaded guides) about your pt's lab values and how they correlate to the diagnosis, etc...the instructor says, "What ELSE could it be?" Or..."What IF?"

    Yet, on tests you're always told, "Just read the question, don't read INTO it" ie, "DO NOT say to yourself, what if, or what else."

    Can't WAIT till the end of this semester!!!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Makes you crazy doesn't it?

    Call me guilty,.I finished up a preceptorship with a senior student this past week. After report I'd give her an assignment, and say "what would you do for this patient, what would you look for"...........she'd answer and I would always say "and what else............". opps..........hope I wasn't contributing to her insanity. LOL
  4. by   mysterious_one
    Or in communication questions it ask you: What is your fisrt reply?, What is most therapeutic? , most open ended question?...... Ok , I get that part, but what comes next, after that? Lol, where do I go from there, seems like that was somehow left out in class.
  5. by   P_RN
    De' ja Vu all over again. I can still feel my Med/Surg instructor stopping me in the hall, a hand on the wall on either side of me, and saying "tell me EVERYTHING you know about Laennec's Cirrhosis."

    Ohhhhh spoooooky.
  6. by   RNinJune2007

    I had an "OLD SCHOOL" pediatrics teacher this year. She would always ask about a special consideration for lovenox. We would all go through the long list... bruising, do not aspirate, 2 nurses, etc, etc. She would always say "there's something else. Tell me later after you remember."

    I still have no idea what it is. This is the same instructor that would ask a question in clinical (or in class), without giving ANY!! indication of what sort of thing she was asking. (i.e. what do you want to remember with this kind of client?)

    We all wanted to scream!!! It was impossible. You'd speak yourself in circles.... I must mention though, that she is a wonderful person and instructor, and very very kind! She was just hard to get accustomed to!