BSN with a minor?

  1. [font=microsoft sans serif]i am thinking about picking up a minor in sign language, but i need some input. is anyone else out there taking a foriegn language minor? is it possible or am i just going to run myself into the ground?
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  3. by   Lisa CCU RN
    It's possible.

    I know someone who was attempting it, but ended up dropping the nursing major because she found nursing to not be her passion and wanted to pursue the language degree. She was doing fine though in the nursing major while she was still taking it though.

    I'd say it can be done.

    Can you take some classes for the language degree and go ahead and graduate with the nursing and then finish up the language degree afterwards?
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Many of the BSN programs I have looked at offers healthcare management or hospital administration as a minor.
  5. by   brighella
    Im in 1st semester nursing school and considering a Religious Studies minor. I kind of consider the minor as being just for me and my personal interests. It also helps that to get the minor, I only need 15 credits, whereas one of my classmates was talking about minoring in spanish, and even though she has taken a couple of years worth of classes, she would still have to take an additional 23 credits to get the minor. My advice is to go talk to someone in the languages department and see what is involved with the ASL minor. I think it could be an enormous asset to you.

    Just finished 1st clinicals today!

  6. by   RNin'08
    I think it's do-able. It's time consuming (as if nursing school on it's own isn't...) but well worth the investment, as long as you're sure to keep up with both and put in the study time it will take.

    I'm working on a minor in Spanish along with my BSN. The hardest obsticle so far is to have enough time to practice, understand, comprehend and memorize both nursing concepts and that of a foreign language. Some days are harder than others but I'm getting by. For me the biggest thing to remember is that my BSN comes first, if I need to skip a semester of Spanish so be it. I can always take a few more classes or a language refresher after I graduate

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