Brookhaven question!

  1. I was just wondering if someone can answer a question for me! I am not sure why I haven't asked someone about this before...

    So, Brookhaven has a 16 month program, right? Does this consist of Fall and Spring semesters only? Or summer as well? If I were to start for Spring 2008, when would I graduate? I guess I am just a little bit confused about the schedule. I know the last semester of nursing students started during the summer. Was it just a 16 month program for them to test it out?

    I really need to know before I get my loan money at the end of the month! Please let me know if anyone can give me any information on this. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   stephanie811
    I am pretty sure that it is 4 semesters...depending on when you start it would be summer, fall, spring, summer or fall, spring, summer, fall
  4. by   jla623
    Ok so they count summer as a semester then? So I would go Spring, Summer, Fall, Spring? And graduate in May of 2009?
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  5. by   stephanie811
    Yeah that sounds about right, it is 4 semesters with summer counting as a semester. I am not real sure about it all, I applied to el centro but I was looking into brookhaven for a while. I don't know exactly when they start each year. They have a web page on the brookhaven web site and there is a lot of info there.
  6. by   jla623
    Yeah I have probably looked at the website 500+ times, but I can't find an actual calendar of when the classes are. It just says 4 semesters and it is 16 months the last that I heard. It seems the most logical that it would be like you said...Is El Centro 16 months also?

    Thank you for the info!

    If anyone else has heard any info that is different from this, please let me know!
  7. by   GeauxNursing
    yea that sounds right to me, fall, spring, summer fall, right? or spring, summer, fall, spring? for the ADN right? just call the counselors, they are super nice!
  8. by   Buttercup_fields
    Hi the time line depends upon when you start. I started in a summer semester at Brookhaven so I go four consecutive semesters (summer,fall,spring,summer) so I graduate August 8 2008, I started May 2007. It is a very fast pace program and you have to take care not to get burned out. Because you do not get a break. I love the program so far. Good Luck every one.
  9. by   jla623
    Wow, that's kind of an odd graduation date. I think 16 months would be perfect because if we took the summer off and only went fall and spring, I would forget everything that I learned. They better not change it by the time I start! Thanks!