Breach of Contract?

  1. I currently work at a local hospital as a Nurse extern. I have been employed there for approximately two years now. I work 40 hours for 12 weeks in the summer and only occasionally during my school year. When interviewed for the position it was stated by both supervisors that the hospital would pay for my tuition while I was in school, and also pay me for my hours worked as an employee. Their only expectations were that I work 40 hours during the summer. If I choose not to take a position offered to me after graduation, then I will only owe the hospital the last semester costs of my tuition.

    The supervisors of the program are now saying that what they originally stated was a misunderstanding. All externs are expected to pay back any loans accrued subtracting a percentage of hours worked from that amount. To pay back 5,800$ worth of tuition payed by the hospital, I would have to work approximately 2,300 hours.

    My supervisors stated in front of every extern (about 15) that what they had originally promised at our interviews was not going to be fulfilled. However myself nor any other extern has a written contract with the hospital.

    I am debating contacting an attorney. Although there is no written contract, there was a verbal agreement which was promised to nearly 20 employees. Is this a legitimate legal matter?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Please tell me your opinions and ideas.Thank You
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  3. by   coolpeach
    I am just a nursing student, but I would think it is a legal matter. You are talking about your hard earned money, or whats even more valuable your time. If they said one thing, and then changed it, and there is no written contract I would pursue it.

    Here's what I am thinking ......

    In order for you to have a real case you need the support of the others, but if you do that words going to spread, and you will more than likely lose your remaining externship, and burn those bridges.

    If you ride it out until they press it, and then pursue then they may back down, or you may have to fight by yourself.

    Tough call, but I wouldn't let them take my money or time unless I felt the alternative would really hurt me in the long run.

    Good luck.
  4. by   ukstudent
    Are you sure that there is no contract. How is the money for nursing school given out? Does it go directly to the school prior to the semester or to you after passing the semester?

    If you don't truly have a contract in writing then I don't see your problem. If you decide to work for them after graduation then the verbal changes will not effect anything. If you don't work for them after graduation they can't sue you for breach of contract if there is no contract.

    You need to contact HR and look at your original hiring contract that you signed to start working. That is what both you and the hospital are going to have to honor.
  5. by   andreasl
    I am positive that their is no contract. The money is given out following each passed semester.

    I will most likely not choose to work for this hospital based off of the general disorganization I have experienced while employed there now.
    I intend to look at my original hiring contract but I do not believe it contains much detail on this matter.

  6. by   tnbutterfly
    Hello andreasl

    I can understand that you are very upset by what has happened. The members on Allnurses are really not in a position to offer legal advice. You and the other externs would be better served by seeking the advice of an attorney.

    I wish you much luck.