Books? Need math book.

  1. Does this belong here?

    Anyways, MATH is my weakest link in this field or any other field. I would like to look for a Math text book to teach me the basics learned to doing drug calculations, all math used in nursing so I'll understand and have a better head start in the nursing program. What math book(s) would you suggest?

    Not important but would help: A math book that starts out easy and gradually gets challenging. (the challenging part is when I'll need a tutor).

    Please help!
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  3. by   donsterRN
    A really good book is "Calculation of Drug Dosages" by Sheila Ogden. We used the 7th edition (there is a new 8th edition available this spring), and it's just what you're looking for. It starts with the basics of math, and naturally progresses through the more complicated material. What I really liked was that there were literally hundreds of practice items. I think that if you started on page one and did the work, you'd be an expert when you're done. I love the book.
  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    This is the one they use to teach dosage at our school and one many of us have agreed we couldn't live without. They start out reviewing basic math with fractions, decimals, Roman numerals, etc., and then move through dosage at a pace that's pretty slow and easy with lots of practice exercises.

    I think you'll find it extremely worth the price!! Read the reviews about the book near the bottom of this page.