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I'm currently working on my last co-requisite (speech & communication), and start nursing school in the fall. My speech class has been doing persuasive speeches. "Why you should vote" was mine,... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    Yep, too much info. But it happened here. Only the woman was in her early 40's and an alcoholic and the kid was 17. Her 14 year old daughter came home to find the kid passed out on the couch naked and her mom passed out in her bedroom naked. Yuck.

  2. by   susanna
    Quote from Nikki730
    For instance, he asked me out, and ealier, he was playing up to this other girl, (asking if he could walk her to her car, etc), chatting up a third girl right after his speech, etc.
    Lol, you must be English! One of my english guyfriends used that term, "chatting me up", and i was like, whaaaa??????? What does that mean? Does that mean they were talking too much and boring you???

    I think that this guy's story was very strange and reminds me of "eyes wide open" but that it is appropriate in one sense because it does go along with his speech topic of "how intuition keeps you out of danger". But, his speech sounds schoking in that it is insensitive and callous to the lady who died of Aids whom he was just using for sex. I suppose he has a right to be glad that he didn't catch the virus though and talk about it.

    My own personal experience: In my autobiography class, we all had to write autobiographies and many people, men and women, talked about their sexual experiences because they felt that this was something that meant alot to them/shaped the way they viewed the world. At first, I was uncomfortable, but I got used to it. I didn't do it but to the people who chose to share, I thought they were very brave to share this personal aspect of themselves and to share what they learned from it.