bittersweet dance for joy

  1. I checked the mail yesterday and lo and behold, there was THE LETTER THAT wondrous acceptance letter letting me know that all of my hard work and sacrifice had paid off! :hatparty:

    So, of course, I called my very best, most devoted friend. She and I have been through most of our pre-reqs together and have cheered each other along all the way. She didn't get in.

    Our plans have been tied up together from the start. Carpooling, sharing books, studying together, lunches, griping about instructors and our men. She is my very very best friend and she is devestated. When she told me that she didn't get in, I wanted to cry for the both of us. Now, she doesn't want to talk about it and said she might not go back to school after spring break.

    She's leaving for the next two, what can I do when she gets back to encourage her? I love this woman and it breaks my heart to see her so hurt.
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  3. by   S.N. Visit
    Congrats to you! Ohh, that is rough that you both didn't get accepted together. Hopefully you both had a back up plan in case you didn't get in. I would try to encourage her to continue with plan number 2. I bet she's very humiliated right now, and is thinking she's not good enough, but hopefully she come to her senses and continue with school. I wish I had some words of advise to give you both.

    It kind of reminds me of the time my friend was trying to get pregnant for years and I became pg the first time I tried. She thankfully, told me that she knew it was an akward situation and that she wanted to share in my joy and to not shut her out of what was going on with my pregnancy.

    I wish you the best
  4. by   RedSox33RN
    Congratulations to you!!!

    I'm so sorry your friend did not make it in as well. That's hard when you've been through it all together, and had made plans.

    Please encourage her not to give up! She's come so far also, and maybe she'll get in next year when you are starting your second year, and you'll be able to help her along then.

    I'm sorry it's so bittersweet, but try to focus on the positive right now. Hopefully your friend will come around after she gets over the disappointment - it may take a while. I know I was down for weeks after I didn't get in, and was critical of everyone who did. I took to criticizing my kids' school nurse, thinking if she was such a bonehead (and truly is!) and could get into nursing school, I must be REALLY bad if I can't get in. Just be there for her and support whatever decision she decides to make.