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  1. Hello all! I've been reading this bb with interest for the last few weeks. I've really appreciated all the insight into the nursing field. I've been considering a career change and decided to go into nursing. I already have a Bachelor's in biology and have only a couple of pre-req's to take. I have a couple of questions for the group: do you work during school (part-time, full-time, what type)? And, I've been thinking about taking the CNA course and getting that license first so I can get into the field while getting my ADN. Any opinions or comments? Thanks in advance for your help!
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  3. by   Cindy_A
    I am currently in the LPN to RN transition program (ASN). Before I became an LPN I worked as a CNA. I strongly believe that a person should work as a CNA before becoming a nurse. I believe that if you don't like being a CNA, you won't like being a nurse! I currently work part-time as an LPN in a LTC facilty. Good Luck!
  4. by   Talessa
    Thanks Cindy! It's really looking like that's the road I'll take. Best of luck to you too with your schooling.
  5. by   NurseDixie
    I think it would definitely be a good idea to work as a CNA, then you'll know what nursing is all about. I worked as a CNA for over 15 years. I started in the ADN program when I was 44 years old. I graduate next May. 2 more semesters to go. Wish me luck! I think the experience working as a CNA will be helpful to you.
  6. by   secondcareer
    I too decided go back and get my BSN after graduating 6 years ago with my BA in social work. At this time I am working as a CNA and going to school. I would definately recomend going that way so that you can see if Nursing is what you really want to do. I have gained alot of experience this way, so I hopefully will not be as lost when I start my clinicals.
  7. by   GPatty
    Yes, I agree with the others. I also am a CNA (part time) and a full time student. I all ready know that I want to work with the elderly when I graduate....good experience!
  8. by   Mojo Mama
    I have a bachelors degree in liberal arts, two plus years of social service experience and am currently a paraeducator for behavioral, physical, and mentally challenged students. I recently decided that my BA was pretty worthless and that nursing would be a great field to provide for my emotional wellbeing as well as provide for my family.

    I am taking a CNA course at my local community college and am one of the top students in the class (got the highest score on the last quiz). I have been having so much fun learning everything and this board has been a wealth of information. As soon as I get my registration I hope to get work in the local hospital. Eventually I want to be a registered nurse in a psychiatric hospital setting for children and adolescents. I am very motivated towards this goal. In the following quarters I will be taking pre-req's at night and I'm so excited. Having gone to a non-traditional non-grading college this is the first "A" I have seen since I graduated from high school in's very validating.
  9. by   NurseExplorer
    I just got my EMT certification. I want to work as an Emergency Medicine RN. I think being an EMT will provide plenty of experience...and excitement!