Best Study Tips Please! - page 2

I'm back in school after 7 yrs and am remembering how to study, but would LOVE some tips from my fellow nursing students! I know you have some great ones out there, so lay them on me!:):) Thanks!... Read More

  1. by   pbuff
    I find it helpful taking notes as I read the chapters. Then before the test I have an extra set of notes to review with along with the notes from lecture.
  2. by   RNntraining
    i agree that cramming isn't the answer. since this is information that's going to be used out in the real world on real people, i'd leave the cramming for political science or under water basket weaving haha!. it may seem tedious to re-read information you think you've nailed, but the more it sticks the better prepared you'll be in class and at clinicals. just getting by on exams isn't the way to go trust me!!