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  1. Hey,

    I'm looking for a flashcard app for my iPhone that will let me type them up on a computer and the cards will sync to my app. Does anyone know of such an app. There are a ton of good flashcard apps, but they all make you type the cards on the iphone which I am horriable at. It would be so much faster if I could type them on my computer and they would sync to my phone for studying
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  3. by   Trust in Jesus
    Quizlet should work - and it is free, unless you want to upgrade.
  4. by   p0m3
    I like both Quizlet and Cram. They can both be used on your computer and with the app. I prefer to type out the cards on my computer since it's faster, but I prefer studying the cards on the app.
  5. by   theseriousnurse2b