Becoming personally or intimately involved with patients or not? - page 2

Hello, I am trying to obtain opinions on how people or nurses feel about other nurses becoming personally or intimately involved with their patients. I am open to all opinions so please let me know... Read More

  1. by   1styear
    So if you are working in the PACU, ambulatory surgery, doctor's office etc. and you meet a pt or pts family member as you are caring for someone for however many hours it would be just unbelievably horrible to you if someone happened to form a relationship that they wanted to pursue once the care was terminated? I'm taken and not interested in any pts ---psych or not but I really wouldn't judge someone who never made it a habit but did one time meet someone they were interested in. I went to a wedding last year where the bride married her dentist --it happens and life goes on happily for both of them
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    If you are like me, and have this topic for a school assignment, I'd like to share links within this site that touch on the same or similar info:

    this last one is very extensive. Hope this helps and saves some time
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    Thanks for the links of other discussions regarding this topic, those discussions present a mixed view of opinions. It's interesting how students hold themselves to a higher standard based on the responses above, maybe the strict learning mode and black and white exams put us at a heightened level of professionalism.