Basic Nursing Assessment

  1. Hi, I am a 1st semester nursing student and have a project to make a nursing assessment video. Can anyone direct me to a website that can give me a good checklist of what I need to cover. I dont want to miss anything. The video has to be no longer than 30 minutes. I would appreciate it any info you can offer.

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    basically, i would hit all the major body systems as well as all the activities of daily living. here are some links related to physically assessment specifically for nursing, well, and naval corpsmen who are about as close to nurses as you can get: - this is a great guide to physical assessment. it is called head to toe assessment in 5 minutes (well, maybe a little longer than that) that was originally posted on this thread by scmomof3. - the u.s. navy's shipwreck's go-by physical examination guide used by naval corpsmen. an excellent source for learning how to do a physical assessment
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    Thank you, thank you, Thank you!!!! These website are really great! They will help me with my video. Thank you again.