attitude from staff????

  1. Hi all

    I just started clinical in our local hospital. Most of the staff on the floor we were assigned to are nice with the exeption of the Physical Therapists. Is this normal? This week was only our second week there and both times I have gotten this "I'm better than you" feel from the physical therapists.

    I have yet to deal directly with any doctors so i don't know about them. Most of the nurses seem nice and are willing to answer questions.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of this.


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  3. by   BrandyBSN
    Yes, i think it is common. Sometimes it is just because we are students, and we ask questions... maybe they are afraid we will ask them something that they wont know the answer to

    Keep your head up though. Most staff is very welcoming.

  4. by   betts
    The nurse coordinates and manages the activities of others in the healthcare team, such as nutritionista and physical therapists, in managing the client's total care.

    It's not question's you may ask but, the fact that once you're an RN, you're the manager, supervisor, coordinator of all those directly involved in the care plan for any given client/patient/resident.
  5. by   AGriglio
    I just finished my first clinical rotation and we really got a poor impression from the nursing staff. It seemed as though they were too busy to bother with us, they did not want to show or teach us anything, they took advantage of us to do their work and more so of our instructor. I was pretty disappointed in my first experience but am hoping things work out better next quarter.
  6. by   kewlnurse
    Not everyone is like that, but some people are just plain ol a$$holes, and they always will be, they would be if they were nurses or flipping burgers. But also relazie that you are coming into a situation that you know nothing about, maybe there was a staff meeting and everyone got an earful from the manager that morning, maybe there was a code earlier... Either way, realize that until you are done with school, and are off orientation, you have to put up with a little bit of attitude, especially when you are new and are on orientation, your new and you are being tested to see if you can cope with what it takes to be an acute care nurse or if you should be going to school to be a burger flipper... Every time you change positions you will be tested by the staff, just happen to me tho other day, i recently started in the CMICU and was giveing report to the next shift when the nurse gets all *****y because i left out somthing that i considered very trite, being on orinetation i sucked it up and went along with her little hissie fit, in 5 weeks when my orientation is over, my reaction will be more like "KMA", sorry if I eroded your views of nursing but i have a tendacy to be brutally honest.