ATI PLAN Let me save you the time and $

  1. [color=#923397]i was told to fork out 400+ for this, yet i'm not going to because there are so many used copies of this on amazon starting around .67 cents...... so here are all the isbn numbers you'll need for the current study guide packets.
    ati: website search catalog
    example: fundementals of nursing
    ati: product details
    (price $31.00) fundamentals of nursing review module 6.1 (99 used to choose from starting at .67 + 3.99 shipping)
    [color=#923397]content mastery series (review module) rn
    [color=#7e6baf]by: ati (assessment technologies institute, llc)
    [color=#8a0000]1. pharmacology for nursing version 4.2 isbn: 1-933107-63-4

    [color=#000258]2. fundamentals for nursing version 6.1 isbn: 1-933107-67-7

    [color=#68006b]3. adult medical-surgical nursing rn edition 7.1 isbn: 1-933107-52-9

    [color=#8d3a00]4. maternal newborn nursing rn edition 7.1 isbn: 1-933107-56-1

    [color=#2e6b31]5. mental health nursing rn edition 7.0 isbn: 1-933107-58-8
    [color=#00ae5f]6. nursing care of children rn edition 7.0 isbn: 1-933107-61-8

    [color=#58712a]7. nutrition for nursing version 3.1 isbn: 1-933107-65-0

    [color=#a90068]8. leadership and management version 4.1 isbn: 1-933107-69-3

    [color=#c4a621]9. community health- specialty rn edition 4.0 isbn: 1-933107-54-5
    [color=#005a89]10. ready-set-rn: preparing for the nclex-rn isbn: 1-933107-71-5

    [color=#998402]11. quest for academic success (streamling the path to breakthrough learning) isbn: 1-933107-01-4
    dvds: [color=#923397]plan [color=#923397](prescriptive learning for all nurses)
    [color=#7e6baf]1. basic nursing skills - rn edition isbn: 1-933107-30-8
    a. english-runtime: 155 minutes
    [color=#a66eaf]2. adult medical-surgical nursing isbn: 1-933107-37-5
    a. english-runtime: 782 minutes
    [color=#ff0010]3. maternal newborn nursing isbn: 1-933107-41-3
    a. english-runtime: 222 minutes
    [color=#748f3b]4. mental health nursing isbn: 1-933107-57-x
    a. english-runtime: 141 minutes
    [color=#00b8ef]5. nursing care of children isbn: 1-933107-46-4
    a. english-runtime: 141 minutes
    [color=#c4a621]6. community health/leadership nursing rn isbn: 1-933107-35-9
    a. english-runtime: 147 minutes
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  3. by   Spotty44
    You can also check Craigslist in your area.....I found a full set that someone was giving away for FREE a few months ago!
  4. by   jennyht25
    I was told that we had to buy it new because it has test codes that we need to have and if you buy it used the codes will not be valid anymore.
  5. by   cheezn4life
    I was told the same thing. Although you may receive the password for the used ATI material, the tests are supposedly new and will not work with the old set?
  6. by   Jeniele
    So I know this is an old post, but I heard that listening to these were a good study resource. You can find the DVDs relatively cheap on the web, and I know they are old and but was wondering if the NCLEX rationale has changed significantly enough to invalidate them? I have a long drive to school and thought it would be constructive to listen to them during the drive.
  7. by   LemonDrop1234
    I was curious about this too. Did you buy the DVDs? I just ordered a set from Amazon but they haven't arrived yet.