ATI Pharmacology Exam....

  1. I take this test this quarter. I am on ATI now, and can't find the practice tests for it just Pharm Made Easy and you study all the drop down portions for that(which goes over like mental health, medsurg, etc..) or is there a more comprehensive practice/final tests to study for the comprehensive Pharmacology Exam?
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  3. by   Katie71275
    Is it the Pharm under Learning System RN that is the practice/final exams? Im just trying to make sure I study the right thing!
    The quarter just started but we have a lot of stuff to get done so I won't to get some of it done as soon as I can to get it out of the way.
  4. by   libby11
    My school gave us Practice Exam codes for ATI, a User ID and PW for 2 practice exams...
  5. by   Ginnym1981
    My school uses pharm made easy 2.0 so it may be different for you if you're using "pharm made easy"...BUT you should see 3 tabs, to the right, just slightly above your tutorial list (not the very, very top of the page)
    The tabs say tutorials (which is where you find your "pharm made easy" tutorial), another that says "proctored assessments" (this is where you go to take your actual test and it is password protected like the above poster mentioned) and the last tab says "practice assessments"
    This is the one you want to use to take any practice tests. We had 2 practice tests that said "RN Pharmacology practice tests," one A and one B test. I also practiced retaking each separate tutorial test again just for more practice. Good luck!!