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My school, Fresno State, is requiring ATI testing and lists the book/DVD bundle as required reading. My question is, in this situation, do you have to purchase the book & CD bundle in order to get... Read More

  1. by   pharmgirl
    I just took the predictor Friday. I really thought I bombed it as I was taking it but ended up with a 99% to pass the NCLEX first round. So I was happy. It is a lot of common sense questions. No, we weren't able to pause the test for bathroom. It only takes about an hour. There were 180 questions and 30 were ummm, I forget what they call them, "control" questions, or something like that. So only 150 were actually scored. I wouldn't panic about it. As long as you've done fairly well all year, you would be surprised what you have learned.

    Good Luck!!
  2. by   9livesRN
    we also have to use ATI... and i dont think they are that bad!!! So far i have read the pharmacology one, since we had to, and it sort of helped me!!!
  3. by   KAYBDT6
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    Has anybody taken the ATI LPN comprehensive predictor recently? Need some information abt the test because am taking it on Friday in other to graduate after so many attempt of Hesi. I am the only one left at of 20 student that graduated in Dec 2008. Also can the test be pause for Bathroom previllege. I need help for my anxiety. What is the different between form A/B and 3.0 version of ATI.:spin:

    :hehe::hehe: I Finally made the first hurdle of my life to :grad: as an LVN. I pass!!!
  4. by   dianajh73
    WooHoo! Congratulations!