Associate Degree in Nursing - Distance Learning?????/

  1. Please can someone spell out the rules etc about gaining your Associate in Nursing Degree, I need a distance learning program and keep getting stalled and confused as to all the info out there?????

    I live in Idaho, a very isolated area and have a 20 month old little guy and I am due to give birth in a few weeks so studying from home IS A MUST.................

    Please can someone tell me of any distance progs they know of, not Excelsior as they require you to be working already as a health care professional, i.e. LPN etc.

    Can you get an Associate's in Nursing WITHOUT An LPN/LN?RN etc............

    I have been working as a Trainee midwife for the last year but found that the CPM qual I was going for didnt seem to be opening many doors whatsoever, I am DONA trained, CPR certifed etc and have assisted in 25 births so far........

    HELP, HELP...............

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  3. by   shyviolet78
    I don't know of any distance learning programs that don't require a person to already be a LPN. It seems like it would be an enormous amount of work to get through on your own, though. The prereq's will take you about a year to get through for the ADN and about 2 years for the BSN. The prereq's can probably all be taken as distance learning through your local school, except maybe the lab sciences. Maybe by the time you are through with these and ready to begin nursing school, your kids will be old enough that you can leave them with a sitter or family member to go to nursing school.

    Also, I believe that before you can become a CNM, you have to have both a RN license and a Bachelor's degree. I don't think the bachelor's necessarily has to be in nursing. One school here will take a bachelor's in anything, another I know of requires it to be in nursing. So, if you don't already have a bachelor's degree, maybe expand your search to some BSN programs in your area. You might find one that offers what you need.
  4. by   tobewithwoman
    Hi Shyviolet,

    I already have a double honours combined Bachelor's from England and most places have said they will take me on an CNM program if I get the Associate in nursing ONLY, just purely cos of the fact that the Bachelor's I hold is a double major in 2 different subjects etc.

    BUT its getting my first step towards the associate's of nursing thats causing the probs, I can get all the clinical time I need as I work downtown at our local hospital anyway...........but it seems impossible to get an ADN on distance learning....... Maybe I should just go for another degree that sidesteps the awkward ADN............but which one would open the magic door!!!!

  5. by   shyviolet78
    Does your hospital maybe offer a diploma RN program? If not, I'd talk to the HR dept at the hospital you work at and try to find a position there that will work around your hours at school. Most hospitals are so desperate to have you as a nurse, they will work around your school schedule.
  6. by   tobewithwoman
    That's a very good point actually, I am going to have to speak to my hospital and see what they can do for me............maybe this is another way forward?? They are desperate for staff always and I will do anything to get where I need to be...............I will contact them tomorrow and let you know what happens. Many thanks for this info, everything is appreciated!!!!!

  7. by   EMTPTORN

    there is a a search for regents college (now called excelsior) it is totally distance learning.

    you must have previous medical experience....

    must be very self motivated....

    i have known people who did this....

    i chose not to, am going the traditional route.

    good luck
  8. by   crnasomeday
    You know, I have never understood how those distance programs work for nursing. Can someone explain it to me? How to you test out on skills? What about clinical experience? How's all that work?
  9. by   bancho
    I live in a rural area of Arizona. After working for 20 years as a med tech, I needed a change so I chose to start a career in nursing Like you, I didn't have the opportunities nor the resources to commute to the nearest college. I am married and have two teenage daughters and a four-year-old son.
    Here is the way I did it:
    1. - I clep'd all the prerequisites like Sociology, Psychology, Spanish etc., except English composition, which I took online with a community college.
    2. - In order to be eligible for the Regents College nursing program, I enrolled and graduated from an EMT basic program offered locally
    3. - I took all the nursing exams offered by Regents College.
    4. - I traveled 200 miles to Phoenix to take the clinical performance examination.
    The whole process took me two years. I am pretty sure that some credits from your B.S. degree can transfer to Excelsior College.
    I liked the program so much, that I enrolled in their Baccalaureate nursing program.
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse is the web site, although its name has changed.

    Much continued success to you!