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  1. Hiya guys.

    I am in first qtr. for ADN. And I have to think of a topic, Ethical/Law Issue pertaining to Nursing....has to be 7-8 page paper. And its now due until the end of the qtr. but I need a topic now. Basically I can write a little about the issue, then say how it effects nursing. I have thought of AN&H (When to remove it? How long before withdrawling,etc)....or HIV/AIDS and the relationship with Nurses to Patient and vis versa.

    Any other suggestions?
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  3. by   wannabemw
    I was thinking back to my ethics and nursing. One topic that I found interesting how Nursing crosses over statelines when giving counsel to a pt via distance communication (like if you have a pt in a rural area and she/he needs to be followed up). Many NP find that state boarders give them trouble w/treating their pts. It can detrimental to fu w/a pt that is bedridden due to i.e. pregnancy. Here's your start!
    Good luck!
  4. by   henry-106
    Never, thought about that one. Thanks, I will keep it in mind.