Assessment before giving a drug?

  1. Does anyone the assessments that need to be given before certain types of drugs. For example digitalis drugs do you check the apical pulse? Or glucose med you check blood sugar? Any one know other ones or a list?
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  3. by   Daytonite
    This is why you need a drug reference book and why you look up every drug before you give it until you are familiar with them. Certain drugs required you to take apical pulse or blood pressures first. Some require that you check the patient's labwork.
  4. by   Lisa CCU RN
    To keep it really simple, you assess what the drug will affect.

    Potassium levels before giving K.
    BP before a BP med.
    Also this is a little less direct, but BP before Lasix since losing fluid volume could lower BP.

    Umm, what else. Platelets before heparin injection, ASA or any other med that would affect bleeding times.

    I would just check the latest labs and have them printed out or written down and take vitals before giving meds.