As you move on through your rotations, are you getting the feeling...

  1. that nursing is definately your niche? I am starting to feel so much more confident in my skills. I just love it! I just finished my second week in med/surg and I am so happy to know/say that this is why God brought me on this earth! I am so serious! I love it! I have followed wonderful nurses! So far, they have all told me how well I am doing, and it makes me feel so great! I really enjoy taking care of my patients and making them feel more comfortable. Sorry this sounds so mushy, but I have to say that I am surprised that I am enjoying med/surg so much since L&D is what I always thought I would want to go into. I'm anxious to see what I actually decide to go into when I graduate!
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  3. by   mitchsmom
    Actually I don't care if it's mushy - it's nice to hear someone be pleasantly surprised!!!!!
    Hope I feel the same way when I get there.
    Have fun