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    I was wondering if any nurses had any experience with UALR adn program or Baptist Health program in Arkansas. I have applied to both and I really want to be able to get into UALR but I think my GPA was too low (3.0). I know Baptist is good but i have heard its hard to pay the tuition the first year. If anyone had any experience or info please let me know. I really want to know if I have any chance at both. Also how long are the classes each day.
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  3. by   det01
    I am currently in my first year at Baptist. You can't get the tuition assistance program the first year, but can after that. However, the first year you can apply for fed loans and grants. Some people also get money from some sort of Rural thing that the state does.

    Hours really depend. I have finished all my pre-reqs so I just have the nursing classes. The nursing classes also vary in length..but are only on MOn and tues and then you choose whether you want to be a thursday or friday student. The classes typically last from 8 or 8:30 am - sometime around noon. You also must choose a 2 hour skills lab for sometime during the week.

    The quarters you have clinicals are a little different. You still have the Wed and Tuesday classes, same as before. However, Thu or Fri is different. That is clinical day. You go to wherever you have been assigned from 6:30 am - 11. There are a wide range of places they put people.

    It changes Sophmore semester. From what I hear you do classes for the first 2 weeks from 8-5. After that you have clinicals M-W from 6:30-2 (or something like that), Thursday off and then class on Friday from 8-5. I think the same 8 weeks on, 2 off still applies. This is only what I have heard, I have not experienced it yet. I do not know about Jr semester or Sr.

    If you have not finished the prereqs then you must also work them into the schedual somehow. They are done through Pulaski Tech, but are given on Baptist campus. There are a few of them you can clep. However, all of the pre-reqs must be finished in the first year (with permission you can do a couple of them in the summer following the freshman year).

    The nursing classes are done in quarters. You are on 8 weeks and then off 2. However, PTC courses will continue during this time unless it is Spring break or something. I think there are 8 pre-reqs in all.

    This year there were about 300 students accepted into the program. However, they said many were turned down as well. I am not sure how many. I don't think you should have a problem with a 3.0.

    I choose Baptist because I could finish there before we have to move again. I did not apply anywhere else because I did not know we were moving here till well past the deadlines, so I can't really tell you about any other program.

    Hope that helps!