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Hi guys I had a situation in class yesterday where i was the victim of bullying by a number of other students. Briefly, they were making fun of my level of class participation. It was not in fun... Read More

  1. by   Thedreamer
    Im currently being the victim of bullying in my nursing school =/

    Theres this group of now 4 girls (6 prior to this term but two failed out) The rest of the class is very friendly with me, however these 4 girls are not. They constantly belittle the teachers behind thier back, and other students. Last term when they started bullying me, it was because they had gone to the AP to complain about a test they did poorly on. They did this behind our instructors back.

    Of course our instructor caught wind of it, and during post conference the next day, she called them out on it, and made us all talk about the test. One by one the girls called her a bad teacher, ect. I stood up and reminded them that they signed an agreement stating that if they had a problem with a test or the instructor that there was a chain of command, and that started with HER, not the AP. I also reminded them that if they cant follow procedure in school, how can they in a future job as a nurse. I also reminded them that she gave us an outline, from which I can go back to the test and look at question for question the material SHE DID provide us with that was on the test. =/ One of the main girls in the click sucked her teeth at me and said, "Aww hell no."

    I felt bad because I didnt mean to make her upset, I was just pointing out some very simple facts. I went to apologize to her after class and she actually gave me "the hand" and ignored me. She to this day along with her click has ignored me. Mind you, this woman is in her late 20's with kids.

    They now all sit in the back of the class this term, and during clinical at breakfast and lunch they sit across the cafeteria from the rest of us. They always point at us and have that "we are trash talking you people" look on thier faces. Sigh.. they even do this in class. And yes, every single time I answer a question or such in class they suck thier teeth.

    Just the other day we had an emergency outside my classroom. The office actually called ME in to do an assessment while i was in lecture. I went across campus, lthe ady was "dizzy" so they wanted me to take a manual BP. Turned out she was tachy, chest pain ect (classic heart attack Sx), and then went into a full tonic clonic seizure for 2 minutes.. (yes I timed it as I was desperatly trying to protect her from hitting her head. She was well over 250lb and i was on the phone with FR when she started siezing... ) Fire rescue showed up after she had gone post ictal.(Sp)

    Anyways, I got back to class and a witness (a fellow classmate) told the teacher all about it in great detail and made me sound like a hero. I am shy when it comes to things like that because to me, the lady just needed help, and I knew what needed to be done. I dont think I deserved to get praised just for being able to react in an emergency when everyone else in the office was frozen with panic =/. So I turned beat red and sunk in my chair. The teacher was very impressed and commended me, and what do I hear from the back of the class? "white boy showing off again"

    Takes alot to not let the bullies get to me, but I go to class every day and smile because I know im there to become a Nurse, not to worry about childish behavior. Ive come to wonder if they are just mean to me because I am a good student and actually care about my patients enough to learn everything I can to help keep them alive.
  2. by   firstyearstudent
    Why are doing bullying in the classroom? Why don't you do bullying in the workplace. It seems more pertinent to the curriculum, will give your classmates valuable advice they will need, lastly, it will seem less like you are whining and will serve the same and better purposes than focusing on bullying in the classroom.
  3. by   HeartsOpenWide
    NO. I go to school with grown adults! I am sorry a few immature children slipped in your class.
  4. by   lmp518
    WOW......How sad all those "Bullying" posts were....I'm going to nursing school in the fall,and those post's just confirmed one of my fears...........I can't believe ADULTS can be so cruel..........
  5. by   CseMgr1
    No matter WHO is doing the bullying, whether it be in the classroom or on the job, they need to be thrown out by their Buster Browns. These kind of people have NO business in Healthcare, and it infuriates me to NO end that they are allowed to get away with this kind of behavior! :angryfire
  6. by   NurseyPoo
    Hi there,

    I also had some students try and bully me when I attended Nursing School. I have the appearance of what my friends like to say "A quiet, sweet person"...Until I open my mouth. I love people but I also have no problem telling someone where to go and giving them the directions when they look stunned by my retort! I will stand up to anyone and very rarely back down from someone trying to challenge me...Especially when they are being rude or nasty. Bring it on!

    During class/clinical one day a small group of them tried that crap with me. Every time I went to speak one of them kept bantering me...challenging know being REALLY-REALLY immature and rude! I finally turned around and looked at her...I never said a word...I just stared at her. She started to get so nervous...She finally yelled out directly in my face WHAT! I said without skipping a beat..."Oh, I am truly sorry. I was just stunned by your immaturity...I have never seen someone behave so childish. I do apologize for making you feel uncomfortable. I would NEVER purposely try and make someone feel uncomfortable and I would NEVER purposely be so RUDE"!

    She never spoke to me again or bothered me again. She also failed out of nursing school...As a matter of fact she was kicked out for cheating and plagerism.

    I just think these people have such small/pea sized brains they become over-run with jealousy. They can't have what someone else has so they try and make the person feel bad for being smart, or pretty, or having nice things. It is really pathetic...I cannot stand anyone who bully's...I don't understand why they think they can do this...What makes them so Superior. What a bunch of putz's....That is why I always use Small Words when addressing them...
  7. by   Thedreamer
    Its sad to hear that this kind of thing is SO universal in the field. I think there should be a psych test you have to pass before you are allowed to enter a nursing program. That would really help out to tell between the people who are mentally able to take care of patients responsibly and those that would be endangering their patients. Bullying people dont just stop after school. They do this at work, and might even have this attitude with thier patients!

    To say that bullying is because of envy only is being narrow in our DX of the issue. I think alot of it has to do with poor outward attitudes about life, people, and relationships. I think the world is a bubbly happy place filled with beauty. I take this with everything I do. I am always smiling and have fun. This enables me to make friends easily and I get farther in life then I would have being pessimistic. The people who bully, especially the ones in my class seem to be the type that think the world OWES them something. That you can toss people aside and its your way or no way. Thats the very same attitude that will keep them at the bottom of the ladder at the work place. No one wants to promote someone who writes people off, is judgemental or irrational. They will see, things come back and you reap what you sow.
  8. by   firstyearstudent
    Sorry, thedreamer, I don't see the correlation. I don't know what causes bullying behavior, but I know plenty of content jerks and loads of kind malcontents.
  9. by   CRNI-ICU20
    You can take care of me ANYDAY!
    What a fine nurse you are....(you are already there, in your heart and soul....your brain just needs some time to catch up!)
    If only there were more of your kind of attitude out there, and none of what you and I both have had to endure...
    Bless you!
  10. by   Thedreamer
  11. by   nursewannabee
    In my school most of the students are older students with most being between 30 and 40. It is so infuriating to sit in class and hear the 3 "women" behind me belittle and pick on other students. Sometimes they even pick on the teachers. One of our teachers (OB) is new this semester. She is awful in lectures but great as a clinical instructor. You can see she is really struggling during the lecture and my heart goes out to her. Her lectures are really ineffective but in time they will get better. These students make snide remarks about her and it is so rude. Some students go as far to say "I don't like anyone on the other side of the room". They always have a comment about others. I can not believe these people are going to be nurses.
    I find a lot of people who are in nursing schools have "strong" personalities to put it in a nice way. I don't understand this need to be mean to others. We are put here on this earth to help one another. We need to be kind towards others. I don't know where these student's minds are at.
    I myself try not to associate with these "types".
    There is hope though. I work as an aide on a cardiac floor and the nurses there are great!!!
  12. by   ann945n
    I feel pretty lucky and have never been bullied before in nursing school or by nurses in clinicals. My class is like a family and we look out for eachother.
  13. by   suziesunshine
    Quote from Jayfa
    Hi guys

    I had a situation in class yesterday where i was the victim of bullying by a number of other students. Briefly, they were making fun of my level of class participation. It was not in fun - it was nasty!

    I would appreciate your input. Thanks.

    I would do the project for sure. I would also advise the instructor of the behavior and remind her/him that you are paying for an education which doesn't include this type of behavior. I would also remind her that there are several nursing forums on the Web and the school wouldn't benefit financially from negative publicity. I would also remind her/him that nursing schools are closing because of lack of nurses.
    I am a firm believer that if a person behaves unprofessionally, that his/her supoervisor or instructor should immediately be notified.
    Because of women's lib, women can by anything they want to be. Hence, the nursing shortage. It's unfortuneate that low lifes are entering the profession.
    Also, be advised that people who exhibit this behavior are low lifes and you are not.
    Good luck