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  1. by   thatldo
    Proud Okie here, 4th generation.

    Yes, older people can be racist, but are that way everywhere!
    I'm the better half (ha) of a mixed couple living here right in the middle of redneck country, and find peoples reaction to me and my husband are the same here in my backyard as they are in San Francisco, Dallas and even Mexico.

    I'll let my kids speak for the public school sysstems here in OK.
    My oldest is starting her masters program in Phsychology, my middle child is a junior at OU, and my youngest a senior has been accepted to OU. All carried high grade point averages.

    Its a rural state, no big city life, but I love living off a dirt road.
    I have friends who live in the city of Tulsa who won't drive out to visit me because they don't want to get their SUV's dusty????!!!!!

    hmmm did I miss anything?

    As you can tell I love Oklahoma!
  2. by   marilynmom
    Originally posted by thatldo

    hmmm did I miss anything?

    As you can tell I love Oklahoma!

  3. by   marilynmom
    I just heard back from admissions ar OU school of Nursing and there NCLEX pass rate is 84% Not sure how that compares to other schools around here but wanted to let you all know.

  4. by   Rootbear76
    I know on the OSU-OKC website it says 92% of the students pass the NCLEX the first time. I'm interested in knowing what Rose State's pass rate is. I talked to a LPN yesterday at the doctors office, and she told me she's heard SO MANY GREAT things about Rose State's program from her friends that graduated from there. OSU-OKC is tougher as far a math. The head lady of the program, Linda, said you have to take a dosage calculation test every semester after you get in the program and before the semester starts, and score 100%, or you can't continue in the program! I've heard of 90% dosage calculation to pass, but not 100%!!!
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  5. by   marilynmom
    Ya I would like to know Rose States pass rate as well. I think its a good Nursing Program! But then again everyone I talk to says different things about all the different nursing programs, I think overall they are probably all pretty good. My only thing is I want/need to get a masters degree (Forensic or Practitioner) so I need my BSN. I would like to get my master right after I get my BSN.

    There is a girl in my Anatomy class at Rose who is in the OSU-OKC Nursing program. This is her first semester (Im not sure how she is doing grade wise) there and they are already doing clinicals which she really likes. She brough in some of her charts to show us all, it was pretty cool. She was saying the OSU one is basically an LPN program but you can take the test to be an RN. So I wonder how well trained they are coming out of there? I will ask her more about it, she has been sick last week but I will ask her more about it and let you know.

  6. by   Rootbear76
    I also want my masters (to become a Practitioner), which is why I wanted to go to OSU-OKC. The A&P classes at Rose State won't transfer unless you take the classes separately. I do want to come out with some experience though, so I do wonder about the training they receive at OSU-OKC. I'm still deciding which route to take. I want to work as a nurse soon, maybe part-time, and pursue by BSN online through OU, THEN go for my masters. Let my know what you find out from the OSU student. I think it'll be interesting hearing from an actual student there.
  7. by   marilynmom
    Ya at Rose I am taking Anatomy seperate, Im not taking A&P, will be taking physiology with lab seperate as well. You can take them seperate for Roses nursing program too, they dont care. I have heard A&P is harder than taking them seperatly.

    I know its hard to figure it all out I'll try to ask that girl that goes to OSU OKC tonight.

  8. by   Rootbear76
    On this site it says OSU-OKC has a 92% pass rate! That's excellent! If Rose State is lower than that, I'll probably go to OSU(it's WAY closer to me than Rose State). Thanks for asking the student in advance!

  9. by   rstewart
    Hi there fellow Okies

    I work in St Anthony's CCU and live in Edmond. Have fun in nursing school. lol
  10. by   Cynthiann
    Originally posted by Just_wondering
    On this site it says OSU-OKC has a 92% pass rate! That's excellent! If Rose State is lower than that, I'll probably go to OSU(it's WAY closer to me than Rose State). Thanks for asking the student in advance!

    If I can recall, last year they said their pass rate was right under 90% (somewhere in between 85-90) at Rose State, but I'm not completely sure.

    I've already told Marilyn about my plans, I'm going to apply to Rose for this fall so I can get working asap. I too am planning on getting my bachelor's (probably at OU) and also my master's to become a CRNA. Since I will need ICU experience anyways, it doesn't matter if it takes me a couple more years to get my Bachelor's.

    How is it working at St. Anthony's? I thought about it as a possible place to work when I graduate since I heard it's a good idea to work in a teaching hospital for my ICU experience. Actually my youngest son was born there and it's not to far from where I live.
  11. by   marilynmom
    I bet St Anthonys is good. I do know that the OU Med Center is *not* a good place to work. My husband works down there and he said its pretty bad, most of the nurses hate it and they have a HUGE turnover in nurses.

    That girl that goes to OSU was still sick tonight so I didnt ask her, hopefully she will be there thursday night

    I thought about getting my degree from Rose but the only thing I didn't like or wondered about was why go through all that (unless you need to start working soon) is why go through 2 year of nursing school there (at Rose or wherever) and then have to do it all over (for BSN) again plus more pre reqs to get into OU Nursing School. Does that make sense? Or can you work part time right out of Nursing School? Someone told me you cant cause you have to do an orenitation process or something like that. Now if I knew I could work PT right out of nursing school I think I too would get my ADN and then the BSN (cause I could still go to school full time). But its still so much more time....

    To go to school for CRNA you only need 1 year of ICU experience and from all those who I have talked to (there is a CRNA who works for Norman Reginal that I know somewhere) she said you just want to do your 1 year and apply, she said you dont need anymore than a year...they just want you to have some experience. CRNA Im interested in that as well or Forensic Nursing. I have heard Practitioners are being phased out slowely

    There is so much info on Nursing sometimes its hard to get a grasp on it all ya know?

  12. by   marilynmom
    I do know she said that the OSU OKC program is not hard to get into. They dont require as many points as Rose does so that is good. I think she said they either take 60 students a year or a semester which is not bad at all. Im not sure how many Rose takes? Cynthiann might know that one.

    What hours is the OSU one? I wish they had more freakin evening classes, etc.

  13. by   Cynthiann
    On the Rose website it said 30 for Beginning track, 30 for career ladder (LPNs) and 10 for distance learning.

    Marilyn, did you know that once you have all your pre-requisites and you are a RN it only takes 9 months to get your Bachelor's at OU? That's what I'm planning on doing. When I graduate from Rose I'm going to take a couple of classes each semester to finish the pre-requisites(I have them half done now for BSN). I also plan on finding a job with a Baylor shift (work 2-12s Sat and Sun and get paid for 36) so I have time for school. I prefer to get more than one year experience in ICU to make sure I learn everything really well. Plus I also need that time to save up some money since I won't be working while in graduate school.

    Have you heard how it is to work at Presbyterian? I was considering there too since they have a NICU.