are lpn's real nurses

  1. Hate to be so bold about that question. I an PN student, and I get the feeling people think PN/VN are not nurses. I have wanted to become a nurse for such a long time. I am currently a Surgical Technician, have been for 9 years, love my job, but I would like to be a nurse in the Operating room. How do we answer to peoples attitudes about Practical Nurses?
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  3. by   IMustBeCrazy
    Yes. Licensed Practical *NURSE*
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Please do a "search". There are several other threads on this site about this topic, including one currently posting.
  5. by   Tweety
    There are a few, mind you a few, that feel that way. But for the most part 99% of people are LPN supportive, or don't even give it a thought. It's the 1% of people that sting, but you can't generalize their feelings onto everyone.

    Here's one of the interesting threads Caroladybelle was speaking of.