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Before I got into nursing school I was an A student, not A-, but A. So far I have not gotten a single A. I got an A- in pathopharm and am going to have an A- in Peds/Ob with the rest of my classes... Read More

  1. by   jackson122
    I too have a problem with those who are not motivated and then complain about the grades they get. All I am trying to say is that just because some may make C's doesn't mean that they will be bad nurses. And I too know A students who I hope I never have to deal with professionally and I would not let near me nor anyone in my family.
  2. by   Mommy2NQ
    Im still getting A's in my classes but let me say I am happy with my B I received in Anatomy and Physiology. It could have been worse I guess.
  3. by   Mommy2NQ
    Quote from nurz2be
    C = RN

    I think that this very statement is HORRID. I am sorry but I WON'T, REFUSE TO BE, and am appalled at nursing students who use this phrase. If your child or my child were in a serious situation would you want a nurse or a doctor working on them that had this for an attitude? NO WAY! I don't think that this particular phrase says anything to uplift the nursing profession. Nurses, at times and in certain circles, are not considered "intelligent." It is phrases like these, used by students that push that point of view. I am an A student, I will be an A nurse or I won't be one. I won't settle for myself or my patients to be someone who just does enough to get by. I think it is very very sad for the nursing community when phrases like these and others flow through students. There are students in my class who started out their pre reqs with this "fun little saying." Those are the very students who complain about tests being too hard, instructors being too hard, who are BARELY making the minimum grade required to pass each class. I think students need to take a deep look into what having this type of attitude brings. Trust me, if your child was in a NICU or PICU and you had to choose between a nurse who pushed him/herself and made the grades or one who just did enough to get by (C = RN), you would pick the one who pushed themselves.

    VERY VERY sad, indeed.
    I understand your point but I wouldnt go as far to say that a C student will not make a good nurse. Some people may be absorbing all the knowledge they are learning but may not be good test takers or grades may be lower because of other reasons. If you are an A student I congratulate you. Not everyone is as lucky though.
  4. by   karensflowers
    Yes, they were for me. I had a past degree and started the nursing program with a GPA of 3.9

    Well, no more. I have one more semester to go......lost a good portion of my student classmates along the way, and now we just hope to pass each time.

    The good grades get you into the nursing program, but from then long as you pass, I suspect A's are not all that important.
  5. by   Virgo_RN
    As are important to me because I intend to go to graduate school. Other than that, it's far more important to me that I learn what I need to know in order to be a good nurse. One of my pet peeves is when a classmate pipes up in lecture to ask "Is this going to be on the exam?". Who care if it's going to be on the exam; it's obviously something important enough for us to know, whether we will be tested on it or not.