Anyone working as a nurse tech/student nurse?

  1. What are you allowed to do? How much do you make/hour? What state are you in? Is the hospital flexible w/ your school schedule, or has this been problematic? What did you have to do to qualify for this position?

    Thanks for the info,
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  3. by   janleb
    I was hired on as a nursing tech for a local city hospital. I make about 14/hr working thirds on the weekend. Plus I get paid that much because I didn't have health insurance ect. To be hired without be a licenced cna you have to be a nursing student within one yr of graduation. More or less they are recruiting rns. I live in Ohio. Mainly just personal care ect. It depends on the RN and their trust in you. For example, the RN will watch me do a dressing change and if satisfactory will let me do dressing changes after you assesses the wound. DC ng tubes, IV's, suctioning, Glucose checks, ect. I have learned allot being a tech. The RN's I work with are terrific. I try to make their job easier, I assess pt and report to RN, so it keeps me on top of my assessment skills. ( I just don't chart). This will benefit me greatly when I become an RN, in how to handle a pt load greater than one or two pt. I find my job to be very rewarding.
  4. by   craff1
    Thanks for taking the time to answer. Your wages are higher than I thought they would be. I'm still looking for ways to make money during nursing school. Sounds like the experience would really be a plus. I'm still looking into teaching home-schooled kids for the school district as well.

    Thanks again,
  5. by   angelaADSN
    Hi Cheryl! I was a nurse tech last year after I completed my first year of nursing school. I worked in a small hospital, so I made 6.68 hr. Which really stinks compared to the 15/hr. Memphis, which is an hour away from me pays their nurse tech's 14/hr. At the hospital I worked at, it was basic CNA care, with just a little more. Things like accu checks, foleys, dsg changes. I graduated this past may and work in surgery/recovery now. I think working as a tech did benifit me in nursing school that last year. I knew what to expect a little more, and was more comfortable. It also helped me with my skills. When I would learn something at school, for example NG tubes, I would go to the hospital and beg the Rn to let me take one out or put it in. Good luck to you!
  6. by   RNIAM
    I am currently employed as a Patient Care Tech. I make 9.39 per hour. I also get shift premiums,as I work 3rd shift. I love the job. The money is alot better than i made as a housekeeper. I am praying that I can start nuring school this september. Good Luck!
  7. by   KITTYLADY
    lessee.... worked 18 months as a 911 ambulance dispatcher -- that's because i was a emt in the usaf for 8 years... now i'm about to graduate (adn) in may - and i've recently lined up a icu technician job which will supposedly evolve into a rn job when i pass the big test... critical care is what i want-- and it looks like (hopefully) this is what i've got!! i will work as little prn as possible until graduation... as for $ - join the usaf for 4 years (if you're young enough) and you will get the gi-bill which = $672.00 month x 3 years after you get out in 4 years - notto mention the 75% tuition assistance while in!!! :d
  8. by   craff1
    looked into the AF but they wanted bsn's, and besides, won't take me because i'm on medication. (and I'm too old for active duty). oh well, I'll keep looking!
  9. by   zacarias
    Hey all,

    Well, I'm also interested in the Nurse Tech positions. In Seattle here, Harborview (Level 1 Trauma) offers these positions for about $14/h and the next orientation is in March. Well, I kinda need a job before then so I am applying as a CNA to another hospital.
    Anyone know if any of the other Seattle hospitals employ nurse techs? I know Evergreen doesn't.

  10. by   KristaB

    Evergreen hires Unit Techs. You might want to look into that.

  11. by   zacarias

    Wow I didn't know that about Evergreen. In fact I distinctly remember reading something about them not hiring techs, maybe that was another hospitals. LOL Who knows, I've been contacting a lot of hospitals. Anyway, thanks so much for the info and I will look into it!