Anyone taking Prereqs with Nursing? - page 2

Is anyone taking any prerequisite classes with their nursing classes? I may be starting the nursing program this fall, but if I do, I will have to take A&PI with the 1st semester of nursing, A&PII... Read More

  1. by   fnimat1
    At my college the only pre-req's you need to get admitted into the program (along with passing the NET and having a 2.50 gpa) are Eng. 101, Chem. 101 and A & P 1. Being that I was an early childhood education major I took all the other classes that are ihtertwined with the nursing classes. So the only 2 classes that I have to take are A & P 2 (which I'm taking this Fall 2 nights a week) and Microbiology (which I'll take with A & P 2)

  2. by   dosamigos76
    At our CC, we now have to have ALL prerequisites out of the way before we can apply to the Nursing Program. So it takes you three years to get the "2 year" ADN.....
  3. by   allthingsbright
    Our school has two pre reqs-psyche and chemistry/bilogy. Then all the other classes are inetgrated into a two yr program-that also ends up taking around 3 yrs. I dont know who they think their foolin when the call it a "two yr program!" LOL!!!