Anyone looking for nursing jobs in Los Angeles?

  1. i get mail all the time from potential employers in the l.a. area looking to recruit rns mostly. is anyone interested in getting some of this junk mail? because i'm a licensed rn in the state of california i get put on these mailing lists. some of it is cards from specific employers in the area where i live. others are the job papers printed and mailed out by organizations like nursing spectrum, working nurse and advance nurses. a good many hospitals in the metro l.a. area are hurting for full time rn employees. in the past two years i've been hospitalized in two different hospitals, one in l.a. county and one in orange county. both times i had rns caring for me that were registry nurses! remember that california has the mandatory nurse/patient staffing ratio requirements. also, the state legislature has been trying to pass a mandatory lift team law affecting all healthcare facilties in california. governor schwarzenegger vetoed the last attempt to pass this legislation this september because he felt that it was too inflexible and that progress was being made by facilities throughout the state to institute lift policies without being mandated to do so. he specifically wrote in his veto statement that "lift policies that meet their individual needs is far more effective than imposing a rigid one-size-fits-all mandate on every hospital in california." say what you will about some of the goofiness of california, but one cannot deny that they are pro-patient, pro-healthcare and they are working toward being better at pro-nurses. (i'm not recruiting for california, i'm just trying to get rid of this junk mail!)

    if you are living in the los angeles area and going to be graduating from nursing school soon, or are planning on moving to the los angeles area and would like to get some information about the what hospitals are needing nurses these job papers are a good way to find out information. you can also access a list of all the licensed facilities in california at this website, but you need to have microsoft excel loaded on your computer in order to read the file:
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    Are any of those emails geared to Nationwide where I could search here on the East coast too(for LPN)? Thanks for posting!
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    This thread is a few years old, there is a more current thread discussing jobs etc in the California state forum

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