Anyone know a good site for studying nursing communications?

  1. My ADN program gives us access to MedsPub online, but the questions are only limited and the instructors don't update the site. I would like some more practice, especially because MedsPub only reviews therapeutic responses and there are so many other aspects of communication that we will be tested over.

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   Daytonite
    i honestly can't think of a website that has these. i do have several web links to websites that have information on therapeutic communication, but it doesn't sound like that is what you are looking for. have you looked for a workbook at any of the online bookstores on this? you might try looking under counseling techniques as well as therapeutic communication techniques. we had already done some work in a communications class in my bsn program that was not connected to the nursing program and i think that might be another route you can pursue for practice exercises. most of the people studying communications (as in the broadcast industry) also learn some forms of active communication and therapeutic listening although it may not be labeled that.

    my school experience with these is that we were given statements and had to identify if they were validating a person's feelings, expressing disapproval, reflecting, acknowledging the person's thoughts and feelings--that sort of thing. or we might have been asked to identify if comments were devaluing or defensive. outside of that, we had to do a process recording each quarter on one patient from one of our clinical visits and it had to be extensively analyzed and footnoted.

    here are the links i do have on information regarding therapeutic communication: