Anyone hear from FSU yet for info about the fall?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I was wondering if anyone that was accepted to Florida State University's BSN program for the fall has received anything from them yet? I've been calling a few offices in the CON and no one has been answering. All of my friends and I have been wondering when we're going to get anything form them, especially since it's almost July and I'd like to know what things I'm going to have to start buying. My parents are going to freak out if we have to spend all this money in such a short time. PLUS, we haven't even gotten to register for classes yet, let alone know what classes we'll be taking.

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  3. by   goodstudentnowRN
    My friend told me that she heard that the letters will be out by the ending of this month. I hope you are accepted in FSU. It is a good nursing college since they got a new director. study, study, study...You will be fine. Most of my friends attended FSU and some are still there and so I know a lot about that school.
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  4. by   Luvtennis816
    Yea, I am right there with you. They just sent out the e-mail with all of our required documents for the Fall 2009 semester, I think the reason why it took the CON so long to get back to us is because they were changing everything to an online format. They have been making a lot of changes to the CON at Florida State this summer.

    It is kind of overwhelming how much we have to get done before the August 14th deadline. I wish we would have had more time. Good luck with everything!
  5. by   CrazyCatLadyRN
    Yeah I know what you mean. The whole uploading the pages to that website seems so complicated. I haven't even read the whole how to link that was in the email yet. Good luck with it all! My name is rebecca by the way. We've probably seen each other in a and p if you were there last year I
  6. by   vlmusicalsound
    I start my fourth term at FSU this Fall. Good luck to all you new nursing students! Enjoy it. It goes by quick.
  7. by   CrazyCatLadyRN
    Any advice for new nursing students at fsu? I looked on ratemyprofessor for anything about the professors I'm going to have this semester but there wasn't anything listed.
  8. by   vlmusicalsound
    Well, you guys will be starting a brand new curriculum, so I can't say much in the way of the classes you'll be taking. Thus far, I've been impressed with every professor I've had save for one. I'm not sure if she'll be teaching you or not but be prepared to teach yourself if she is (you'll know who I'm talking about if you get her). Every other teacher has been great. I think the best advice I can give you is to stay on top of everything. The first semester is the most overwhelming. It's easy to let work pile up. Some people can wait till the last minute to do things and still pull it off (myself included. I don't really consider it a good thing, though), but most can't. I would advise you organize your time wisely and do your best not to get stressed out. Also, practice your skills as much as possible. You won't be utilizing them till later on the program, but you'll be glad you practiced.