Anyone having anxiety about taking certain classes?

  1. I am really trying to decide whether between 2 options. Of course everyone knows that with nursing schools each differ slightly with regards to their pre-reqs.

    Here' my situation (keep in mind I have a previous bachelor's degree in another discipline): there are several nursing schools that I'm considering with 2 that are at the top of my list.

    The first offers an asn program (private) which is about $20,000 I'm taking the pre-req's needed to get into their program - which I'm almost certain I'll attain good enough grades to get into their program (hopefully).

    The 2nd school is a state university in which you get an accelerated bsn (for those with bachelor's in another discipline). The total program is about $10,000 which is significantly less than the other - however 2 of their pre-reqs: Chemistry and Statistics are not my best subjects. I took statistics previously with my current bachelors and received a D+ mostly because I including the rest of the class couldn't understand what the professor was saying. - I know I'll have to repeat statistics WHICH I ABSOLUTELY HATE!!! And then there's the dreadful CHEMISTRY - WHICH I HATE TO THE 3RD POWER:angryfire!!!

    What would you do? Suggest? Would you take the asn route (MORE PRICEY$$$) knowing you'll have a better chance getting in their program with pre-reqs that are easier? Or would you go for the accelerated bsn (WAY CHEAPER) and risk the chance of not doing well enough in chem. and stat. (The ABSN program says that you have to get atleast a C in their pre-reqs - but we all know that C usually isn't even good enough to be considered)

    Anyone can give some encouragement or suggestions? Also, anyone with a similar experience please share???

    All comments are appreciated.

    Cee Cee
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  3. by   Prettyladie
    id go to and see what teachers have the best ratings at your school for those subjects and take them and do the accelerated program that makes sense to me. i H A T E D chem but i ended up with and A, but I did make a C the first time, and i hate math, but i ended up with a b, no repeats. i just paid extra attention in those classes. you can do it.. you'll be fine..and plus you'll save 20 grand and have a bsn. i think its crazy to spend 20k for a private assoc when the public tuitions are cheaper in both assoc and bsn.
  4. by   Stratiotes
    I would go ahead and go the BSN route if it is cheaper. Chemistry and statistics will be challenging, but no more so than the nursing classes I'm sure. I've taken chemistry and it wasn't too bad (I'd never taken a chem class in my life, but I still made an A). You can always get a tutor or make friends with someone in class who can help you out.

    I'm going the ADN route because here, it is much cheaper. However, I've already taken chem and plan to take statistics so that I can continue on to get my BSN later.
  5. by   ceekitty
    I agree - go with the BSN... It may be harder work up front with your pre-reqs, but in the end it will be worth it. Maybe you could take those 2 classes at a local community college...
  6. by   ccjus123
    Thanks guys...

    So I called the Accelerated BSN program and inquired about the statistics requirement, and apparently ANY statistics course will do!! - I didn't know this before.

    Does anyone know which will be the easiest statistics course to take: sociology,psychology, or elementary based?

    I would think psychology or sociology but I could be wrong...anyone know???
  7. by   waitingforthedream
    I say BSN also. Statistics was my worst enemy, could not understand a word the teacher said. I ended up with a B, but I made sure I got a tutor to help me, I knew this was my weakness. A tutor will really help you! And chem was a piece of cake, I took this after being out of school for 30 years. I aced the class. It is not as bad as you think. And you really do need to know chem for nursing. Go for it. Good Luck.