Anyone have L&D clinical suggestions/pointers?

  1. I will be starting my L&D clinicals next week. I LOVE L&D and have researched pregnancy and birth since before even starting nursing school. I have five live children (and four m/c) so I've learned quite a bit from that too, HOWEVER I know I have A LOT to learn and really want my few weeks of L&D rotation to be a good experience. Anyone who's been there done that have any pointers or tips to make it a successful experience? Thanks!

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    I don't really have any pointers or suggestions for you. I did my L&D rotation this past spring. And I was as excited as you. I thought that was were I was wanting to end up for my career.However, my clinical experience was rather aweful and didn't really give me much of an opportunity to learn. The RN's at the particular hospital were not very friendly or helpful. They hardly acknowledged that me and the other student were even there. Even though I tried offering assistance numerous times throughout the day. I know that those nurses get in a "zone" and are concentrating on what they have to do, but I just felt like all of them there that day were just being really rude. The postpardum area was fine. The nurses were great and helpful. The moms that I took care of along with their babies were great as well. But the rotation in the actual L&D area left a sour taste in my mouth and left me pondering if I really want to go into that area right out of school. Hope your rotation is more fulfilling for you.
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    Just go with the flow. Don't talk a lot about your personal experiences, someone in my clinical group got in trouble for that. We got to see and do a lot. Good luck, it was a fun clinical for us!
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    anyone else?
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    I work L&D and I will tell you that you need to be a sponge, things go really fast. There will be teachable moments and there will be times that you just need to stand back and observe. If things are moving too quickly there will be no time to tell you what is going on or have you help, please don't take this as rude, take a moment when everything is over and ask questions then. If you get paired up with a good RN they should let you do some care, but you won't be doing any vag exams, or anything really in depth. Just watch and observe and you will learn a lot, pay close attention to the teamwork of the unit.

    Good luck!
  8. by   MrsMommaRN
    offer a hand wherever. be like a fly on the wall. a lot of my ob rotation was spent waiting for something to happen. if you have the chance rotate through special care, postpartum, triage, and l&d. have fun and enjoy.
  9. by   MIA-RN1
    I work in postpartum and have had some students come thru. The worst thing is to talk about your own personal experience. One student was going in and teaching my patients stuff. I asked what she was teaching and she told me it was stuff she remembered from when she had her kids. I was upset as nursing should be performed using what you have learned in school and using nursing theory, not anecdotal bits you remember from having kids of your own.
    Just watch and learn and take the opportunities offered to you when you are given the chance to learn your skills.