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I am just basically looking for stories of folks who have been through it, and what were your circumstances like? did you make it through or did you have to repeat any of the program? I am due... Read More

  1. by   wefdm21
    I think you should try, but be careful and listen to your body. Continue with Dr. appts and take BP often. We had a student in the last week of LPN program get PIH and ended up on bedrest. She only missed that last week, so the instructors let her graduate (she didn't walk across the stage of course), and she had to come back afterwards to make up her 5 days. So work with your instructors. Just BE CAREFUL!
  2. by   jov
    Quote from PhoenixGirl
    Well, since I'm pretty realistic, smart and have been a mom for 7 years (I have two children already) I know what I'm getting into.
    well. this post sounds almost like a completely different person than the first post. That poor girl was:
    so nervous about this
    wondering if I can do it
    I am freaking out over here
    The thought of flunking out

    having to repeat 9 months of school over again
    (not to mention pay plus have a new baby to worry about!) is killing me.
    I am so nervous.
    who knows how I will be after I deliver.

    I have been quite hormonal and crying a lot this pregnancy
    I'm so afraid of how I will handle failure.

    hmmm... must have been a hormonal moment. I'm sure you'll do just fine.
  3. by   PhoenixGirl
    Quote from jov

    hmmm... must have been a hormonal moment. I'm sure you'll do just fine.
    No, I really was/am nervous and was looking for btdt stories. That wasn't hormones, it was reality. At the point I wrote this post I'd met with my don once and things were not settled. That made me *very* nervous. I've since met with her two more times to work out issues and I have some stuff in writing now so I do feel better about the finishing-school aspect of this all.

    My main response to you which you quoted was due to the "failure as a mom" comment. Yea, been a mom for awhile...proactive, smart, trying to plan ahead....this isn't going to make or break me. Am I still very nervous? Yes. Will I probably freak out a few more times during the next semester? Sure.

  4. by   Alexsys
    There were five women that were expecting (one with twins) and they all made it out ok and graduated with the rest of the class. Good luck and congrats on the new arrival. (that goes for the other in your situation as well)