Anyone Else Taking LPN Exam?

  1. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone else in the RN programs are planning to take the LPN exam once you qualify. I just passed my third semester and I'm now eligible to take this exam. I am now officially a senior nursing student!!! My current job is willing to promote me to this title if/when I pass. It's a pay raise for me as well as additional experience at a job where they're very supportive of me being in school. When are you eligible at your school? Anyone else planning to do this?Please share your thoughts.
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  3. by   krisRN2B
    hey there lil! I do not plan on taking the LPN but I wanted to say congrats on last semester and good luck on your future LPN exam
  4. by   LuvaNurse04
    Thanks Kris! I'll finish the RN program this December. I am so scared. I've heard that our last semester is the hardest and many have fallen victim. So basically I'll be studying all summer!
  5. by   paula77720
    If you plan to take LPN review call Feuer Nursing Review for nclex-rn and LPN. Its a very good review school and they have schedule in May in NY. Tel is 1800 338 3776

    Goodlcuk. Im from NY too
  6. by   LuvaNurse04
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