Anyone a military spouse??

  1. The reason I ask is because I'm only allowed to miss ONE day of school per semester over the next two years. I have a one year old who will be starting daycare in January when I start school -- I KNOW it is inevitable she will get sick.

    Well, at nursing orientation, they literally said we would be kicked out of the program if we missed more than the allowed 8 physical hours of class(ok, one and a half days of school).

    My dh will be deployed this entire semester, almost.. I have no one to watch my daughter if she gets sick.

    Ok, so here's the question---I was told by a friend of my cousin that there is some type of 'hardship clause' that should excuse me from such restricting rules. I should be allowed emergency leave anytime necessary.

    Anyone heard of this?? Thanks! I'm scared I will get kicked out because my daughter gets sick and can't go to daycare..
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi there - I'm a military spouse - hubby did 23 years in the Air Force. Never heard of this clause. I would certainly discuss it with your school. I would think if they have a large population of military there are waivers or some way around it.

    Take care of you and precious little one while hubby is away. Thanks for all of you serving. (Believe me the wives do serve!)!
  4. by   smurfy
    check and see if any of your local hospitals offer sick day care (for when your child is sick). Some hosp. offer this. usually you call to see if a spot is open and then drop off your child (on a day to day basis, for a fee).
  5. by   flygirls2
    ^Oh, I hadn't heard of that. I will definately look into it. I have already called several childcare providers, but no one is willing to take care of a child if they have a cold. My daughters daycare sends them home if they have a fever or visible signs of illness(beyond runny nose).
  6. by   flygirls2
    Would the 'sick care' be at a hospital that already has childcare for its employees?