Anybody have these classes??

  1. Did anybody already have any of these classes: Alcohol & Drugs risk reduction, communicating w/the deaf, medical terminology, or oral/interpersonal communications? If you did do you have any advise or know what materials besides pen/paper that I will need? Thanks!
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  3. by   renerian
    I had none of those classes for my ADN, BS or MS. I like the deaf class.

  4. by   det01
    For med term I would get some index cards to make flash cards. Also try to memorize the prefixes, suffixes and root words instead of every whole word itself. If you know the pre, suf and root, then you can tell what the words mean just by those.

    Ex: cardio = heart, megaly = enlarged, large so cardiomegaly = enlarged heart

    It was easier for me to memorize that way, anyways. It also still helps me to this day when I come across a word that I have not seen before.

    As for the other classes, I have not had those.