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I was just wondering if anyone in an ADN/BSN program was going to take LPN boards after the first year. I have heard that it is possible and that it is a good way to get experience... both with... Read More

  1. by   Nurse2bSandy
    You all have given some great answers to my question!
    One last thing...
    for those of you who took the PN NCLEX, did you do a lot of studying? Did you get a study guide or use an RN guide?
  2. by   rnmi2004
    Honestly, I didn't do a whole lot of studying. Our CC's computer lab has practice tests--I took a few of those during the last week of my semester. Several of my classmates had taken the test during spring break and all of them passed, so it really helped that they were able to share their experiences.

    I was more worried about following all the rules that the testing company has! It seemed like every other line was "Don't forget to sign your name or you forfeit your $200." "If the name we have doesn't exactly match your identification, you forfeit your $200." "If we don't like your outfit, you forfeit your $200." Made me nervous. :uhoh21:
  3. by   psilamag
    Can anyone give me info about how to go about signing up for LPN boards or at least where to get the info? I just took four semesters of nursing but I would like to sit for Lpn boards asap? Thanks
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Old thread alert!

    Anyhow, I'm taking the NCLEX-PN on 12-28-05.
  5. by   MIA-RN1
    I am taking it too and I have to meet with our nursing department secretary tomorrow after my psych final to get the info.
    Perhaps you should talk to someone in the nursing department at your school.