anybody ever get pregnant while taking prereqs or in nursing school?

  1. Hi all, two months ago I changed from one bc pill to another as the result of advice from my doctor. I did take them every day too. Since then, I have missed one period and as of the day after tomorrow, I will have missed a second. I guess I will have to go in and have a pregnancy test. I took an at-home one the week after the last missed one and it was negative, but when I was pregnant with my son I took 3 at-home tests and a blood test at the hospital that were all negative before getting a positive result. I am a bit freaked out. I am finishing up my pre-reqs this fall and hoping to start nursing school in January. I guess I would have to postpone nursing school until next fall if I am pregnant. Unfortunately, I have also been taking loans to help out while I am at school. They have a rule that says you need to start paying back the money if classes are stopped for more than six months. I know they allow extensions, but would needing time for being pregnant and giving birth qualify as an excuse that they would accept? Can I just tell them that I plan to continue in the fall? I am also 36. Is that too old to have a baby? Would I be putting the baby or myself at risk? Anywasy, obviously you can tell I am a bit worried about the timing of this and other possible consequences as well. I may be being paranoid and it is really something else all together. If I am, I will go through with the pregnancy though and was wondering if any of you have had to deal with unexpected blessings at times like this. I know I shouldn't worry too much until I know for sure, but the only time I have ever even missed one period is when I was pregnant with my son. Thanks for anything you can share. Also, I will let you all know what turns out to be.
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  3. by   fnimat1
    Take a deep take another.....relax. First you need to find out officially if you are pregnant. If you are and you plan to start school in the Fall...see if you can get a deferment. You should be able to. Call your financial aid office or go the financial aid website. I don't know if you remember, but I became pregnant with my 4th child last year and I was accepted into the nursing program for Fall 2002. I decided to forfeit my spot due to complications in my pregnancy. Fortunately, everything turned out fine.....So you have to do what's best for you. I hope you get the results you want.

    Fatima (A *30 yr. old wife and mother to 4)
  4. by   NurseDixie
    One of my classmates had a baby in April and the school was wonderful about working with her on keeping her work (tests,etc.) up to date. Her hubby was in our class, too. They both missed about 10 days after the baby was born and they both graduated and already passed board and are starting to take classes for their BSN.
  5. by   kats
    Thanks. I do feel a bit better now. I was also thinking while I was swimming my laps about how I would be able to study and I know I could listen to lectures on cd in my car ( I am going to get a digital voice recorder), copy notes to make flash cards when I get minutes here and there, study from the flash cards when I get a chance ( I would keep them with me all the time) and I am sure I could think of other ideas too. The best thing is that my husband is at least on shore duty so I know he won't be going anywhere until 2006. The other thing that occured to me was that my sister-in-law had a benign cyst one time that stopped her period. I don't think that is it though because at the time I got the prescription for the new bc pill, I also had a pap smear/ physical and everything was ok then. I will let you all know as soon as I know anything for sure.
  6. by   kats
    The more I have been thinking about it, I think I am going into peri-menopause. I am going to make an appointment to see an OB/GYN doctor tomorrow. I will post what I find out.
  7. by   babynursewannab
    I'm pregnant now. I have 3 semesters left in my BSN program.

    The chair of the nursing department has been working with me to modify my schedule so I have the lightest possible load next spring after the birth.

    It seems nursing schools can be very accomodating in this one particular instance. We all know the hoops we go through with other things.

    Good luck.
  8. by   neonatalRN
    I am trying to get pregnant now. I had a son in May, and I did miss a few classes, but went in for the last couple tests and did fine. He died in June, which is why I am trying again so soon.

  9. by   avimom
    I got pregnant back in February, but miscarried at about 7 weeks (right in the middle of exams, of course). I'm never using that pill again, let me tell you! I'm hoping to start trying again in October in time for the end of my program. My worry is what recruiters will make of the gap on my resume if I take a year off after school for a baby.
  10. by   kats
    Heidi and avimom, I am so sorry for both of your losses.
    It turns out that I have to have a pregnancy test after all at the lab before they will let me make an appointment so I will stop by and do that after swimming today. The hospital is right next door to the gym. While talking with the OB/GYN nurse this morning to make sure I should actually make an appointment (I always feel like I am over-reacting and should just not worry), I accidentally said "I am 2 months pregnant after all". What I had meant to say was that I have gone 2 months without a period. I don't know what I feel right now. A baby would be nice in so many ways, but it would make school so much harder and I am older than I would like to be to be pregnant again. I guess whatever is meant to be, will be. I am kind of hoping that I didn't say the pregnancy thing because I actually am pregnant though.
  11. by   neonatalRN
    Kimberly, you are not too old. My OB doctor is 38 and is pregnant with her 3rd.

  12. by   kats
    Great news everyone! I am not pregnant. While pregnancy definately has some wonderful joys, I just don't want to do it again. My son is 15 years old. He is able to do lots for himself and I am getting ready to finally go to school for a career for myself. Anyways, I am definately happy with the results. My doctor is now testing my thyroid and prolactin levels. She said it might also just be from taking birth control pills for so long or even early signs of perimenopause. Anyways, I just thought I would let you know what happened. Thanks for being so supportive. You all really helped out.
  13. by   avimom
    Yay! I'm glad things worked out, Kimberly.
  14. by   Bevi
    Glad you got the news you were hoping for!