Anybody attend the Univeristy of the Virgin Islands?

  1. I am seriously thinking about applying to the University of the Virgin Islands Nursing Program for Fall 2008. I was wondering if anybody is attending this program and how they like it, and just to say Hi, etc.
    Billie TX
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  3. by   Back2School4RN
    I'm wondering about the program in the virgin islands as well. How is the pass rate? What is living there like? I am really worried about the safety since I would not know AnYoNe there and would be far away from family.
    Are there any current or past students that can give some advice?
    I would appreciate any feed back!
  4. by   Sunset87
    I am currently attending the University of the Virgin Islands. Which campus are you applying to? St. Thomas or St. Croix?
  5. by   Back2School4RN

    I am looking into the ADN program at st. Croix. I already have a BS degree though so I wonder if it would be better just to do the BS RN program since I already have almost all prereqs out of the way. Right now I am taking physiology then I will be finished with prereques.
    I have heard bad things like: You cant go out after dark because it is dangerous, you will get mugged, your a female you should not live there by yourself it is really dangerous...Basically really bad things and now it has made me very cautious and I am thinking the program might not be worth it!

    Any feedback would really help! Thanks!
  6. by   Camille1660
    Have any of you chosen to go to UVI for nursing? I am seriously considering going to persue my BSN on St. Thomas Spring 2010...