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  1. by   crnasomeday
    Hi there essarge. When I took A&P we used the Tortora & Grabowski text, which I found to be so valuable that I shelled out about $60 for a used copy of it instead of just renting it. I also used the coloring books. I just loved them and they were sooooo helpful. I liked what another poster said about shrinking things down to print on note cards. I did that too. I learn best by making note cards, and I searched around to find lots of histology pictures on line then printed them out on note cards to study. That helped so much. I've been an A&P tutor for about a year a half now and I keep notes and practice tests on my website (The Student Nurse's Study Lounge - Please come by and check it out. I add to it all the time. There are also lots of links for sites covering A&P material as well as other nursing information. Good luck to you. Be blessed!
  2. by   essarge
    LOL!!! CRNAsomeday!! When I was surfing the web awhile ago I came up with your site!! I added it to my favorites, it's great!! I'm looking forward to see what you add to it!! Thanks!

    By the way....I like the free gift too! Thanks!
  3. by   candace29yw
    I am having a very hard time in AP2. I am doing 8 weeks semesters--so that may be why....anyway I took AP1 last term in 8 weeks and done good.

    The test today was over 2 chapters and was 230 fill in the blank. The professor has went to school for 16 years and thinks everyone is brilliant like him.

    On the first test I made a 38. I do not even want to know what I got on this test !!! The whole class was p**** off.

    What better study habits can I have ? I have rewrote notes, read the book, highlighted, flash cards, study name it ! HELP this class is definently hurting my GPA !!!!