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Please say I am not alone? I am in my 2nd semester and I have not had any previous medical experience(most of the people in my class have had some type of previous training) I get decent grades(high... Read More

  1. by   Marr11
    I am new to this website-but it has really helped me get through some tough times. Currently I am a CNA and I am taking a Phlebotomy Tech class while waiting to hear if I am accepted into the next LVN program beginning this summer. Anyway, I feel relief in knowing that I am not the only one that feels disheartened at times esp. during my clinicals. I don't know how one day I can feel so confidant and the next day feel so lost, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling this way. Thanks to all who responded!:icon_hug:
  2. by   fleur-de-lis
    One of my instructors gave us advice to phrase questions so that we are giving our recommendations and just getting confirmation that they are correct. For example, if you are not sure what to do first, give med A or do procedure B, then you go to your instructor and say "I think I should do procedure B then give med A becuase of XYZ. Is that what you would do?" It sounds like since you ask alot of questions becuase of lack of confidence this might work for you. But I agree that your instructor should be more patient with questions - it's her job and you are only in your 2nd semester! Give it time, it will all come together.
  3. by   SecondGenRN
    I am in semester 4 of the BScN program. I feel the same way a lot! I find it the worst when I start on a new unit and feel completely lost! I ask a lot of questions myself, but I always figured I'd rather ask questions now when I have the excuse of being a student lol. I'm not taking the chance of getting farther on in school or graduating and not knowing simple tasks because I 'faked it' all through school. I think you're doing the right thing and as someone already mentioned, you won't have this instructor next semester.

    And as far as the care plans and nursing diagnoses, they make a LOT more sense when you are in second year (I found anyway) It's a lot easier to make those connections when you have more knowledge of different disease processes and body systems. Email me if you need any help with them