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Hi, I'm new to the nursing forum and enjoy it very much. I wounder if any nurses here are formally or currently students or RN from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, CA? I would like to ask for... Read More

  1. by   GoldenGateNurse
    Yes, I did get into the FNP program for this year, so I'll be gearing up for classes in August.

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    Hello GoldenGateNurse

    I was wondering have you heard about any acceptance news from SMC yet? I know some friends who are applying there this year. While some of them got in, others don't. It's a comptetitive process no doubt. I wish you the best of luck.

    Take care
  2. by   hello_nurse
    Congrats! GoldenGateNurse What an accomplishment! Have a great time in school and please keep in touch. :hatparty:

    Quote from GoldenGateNurse
    Yes, I did get into the FNP program for this year, so I'll be gearing up for classes in August.
  3. by   karmyk
    Hello! I'm /bumping this since I'm considering applying for the same program. I've already finished all the prerequesites for the ELMSN programs, and have 1.5 to go for the ABSN program... oddly, I came from an electrical engineering background (I took full-time classes of the prereqs while I was working full time as an engineer, active duty in the military... that was extremely painful and challenging.. kind of reminiscent of the time crunch as an engineer)... but had a change in priorities in life.

    Additionally, I'm getting certified as a Nursing Assistant, in order to get some time and experience in a hospital, becoming familiar with the smaller basics of how everything works, and soaking in as much information as I can.

    Does anyone have any new advice for a potential applicant to this program? I'm pumped.. but you know how that application anxiety goes. ^^;
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  4. by   karmyk
    Noooo... double post xP
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  5. by   Izzygal
    I don't have anything to add here, but just wanted to say that I am going to their preview day on November 5th to find out more about their Direct Entry Masters Program to become a FNP and also their PA program, just out of curiosity since I'm at a crossroad here.

    Maybe one or two of you will be there?

  6. by   elprup
    I got into samuel merritt's BSN program (almost done finally) with no prior medical experience and not all A's, and some C's. I think why I got in was my past, present and determination which was presented in my essays and application. life is not always paved for some to go to college...and SMC seems to want to know the real you, what makes you tick, what do you really want to do and where will you go after SMC - if they choose you. All the students in my class are amazing people and range in age from 19 to mid 60's. And at Samuel Merritt College, if that is your dream school, don't let money worry you, they have scholarships, grants, but yes you will end up with loans. So, just don't buy that 70,000 car - spend that 70,000 on your education and buy that car later. Just a perspective. If I can go to SMC as a single mother of two, without a job, and just child support and finding scholarships and loans - I bet anybody can.

    best of luck. It's a good school. A bit disorganized. They have tons of different classes going on everywhere all the time and nobody knows what is going on - so you basically have to figure everything out yourself! But I hear they are getting better - now that the last two BSN classes are done.

    But SMC and Saint Mary's looks real good on a diploma!

    best of luck