Any May ASN grads starting back for BSN in Fall?

  1. Hi,
    Looking for anyone else who is graduating next month with their ASN and going back to school this Fall for BSN. I am trying to decide between two local all-online programs right now. Just wonder if all the other May grads are totally burnt out, or nuts like me and going right back into it? LOL
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  3. by   debbieGa
    I was going to start an online RN to BSN program in the fall, although now that graduation is rapidly approaching I am thinking of starting it in the spring instead. I keep thinking how nice a break will be!
  4. by   Aneroo
    I still have one class to take (stats), so I will probably wait until Jan to start, but am planning on taking the faster track classes. I want to go back and teach once I get BSN. I may end up waiting until fiance has finished nursing school, and we've talked about doing BSN together. Plus, if I wait, my future employeer will pay for me to return to school. -Andrea