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Hi, I'm Juni. New to the board and taking my prereqs for the nursing program. I've got three weeks left in summer semester (chemistry, nutrition, and intermediate algebra), then one whole week off... Read More

  1. by   PilotJim68
    I am starting the ASN program at Polk Community College (PCC) Aug. 18. Everyone says the program is extremely tough and they hold their students to very high standards (79.9% is considered failing) but I am looking forward to it and they have a 98% first time pass rate on the NCLEX. After graduation, its off to USF for my BSN then a Masters program somewhere in the my work cut out for me eh??? Thats OK...I dont have a life anyway...LOL.
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  2. by   OnMyWay
    Hi PilotJim - Just wanted to let you know that USF has an accelerated RN to BSN program that, after you complete one semester in and get permission from your instructors, you can change to an accelerated RN to MSN and get your Master's in the same time it would take to get your Bachelors. You have to work as an RN for one year before you would qualify. They offer six different Master's including Certified Nurse Practitioner.
  3. by   PilotJim68
    Thanks for the info. I talked to the counselor at the PCC/USF Lakeland campus and she told me about their accelerated bad they don't offer a CRNA program. Thats my ultimate goal.
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  4. by   kat57
    Hi Juni,

    I will be attending LPN classes January 04 at Daytona Beach Comm. College. I live in Port Orange just south of Daytona.
  5. by   RN2B4SUR
    Originally posted by ggfifi
    Hi Juni! I'm in Jacksonville @ FCCJ...been taking my prereqs for the last year and a half and anxiously waiting to find out if I've been accepted to the Fall nursing program (should have my letter any day now!). Your part of the state is so pretty, and very different from the coast. My husband & I took a day trip in June down the middle of the state and visited the Lakeridge Winery & Vinyards. It was great fun, despite the typical afternoon Florida thunderstorm that came up and soaked us.

    Looks like you have quite a fall schedule lined up...I don't envy you. I've been taking my prereqs in the evenings and on Saturday mornings (just finished up Nutrition and Humanities, with As in both), while I still work full time. Once in the nursing program I'll be a full time student for the first time in 29 years...I can hardly wait!

    Welcome to the boards, and best of luck in the fall!
    I am in the FCCJ program already(3rd term). Have you got your letter as of yet? My friend got hers yesterday afternoon. Orientation is monday so be ready! C you there
  6. by   neneRN
    PilotJim, I graduated from Polk a few years ago- you can email me if you ever need anything! It's a very tough program, but excellent.
  7. by   blkdawn
    Hey Tony and Susan!!

    Yay FCCJ! I'll be seeing you tomorrow at Orientation too! (I'm in the night/weekend program.)

    I'm soooooo excited!!!

    See you tomorrow!

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