Another pre-req....

  1. Hello, just wanted to say that i start my 2nd pre-req hoping this will interest me a little bit! Im slowly but surely working my way to the actual Nursing Program!! :roll
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  3. by   twarlik
    I enjoyed my psychology class. Many of the concepts will probably be things that you are already familiar with or have at least heard of before. Good luck!

  4. by   l_wheat
    Psych is VERY fun and interesting, you'll enjoy it, I did. From what I'm lead to understand thats one of the few bright moments in MOST pre-ADN students scholastic lives I'm not looking forward to the science classes UGH !
  5. by   AmyLiz
    I liked psych. Liked it so much I got a bachelors in it 9 years ago!
  6. by   fnimat1
    I hope you enjoy Psychology. I loved it!!! I earned an A+. The one class that I couldn't get with was Sociology....boring..... . Just enjoy it and study hard.