Anatomy Courses in Nursing - page 3

Though I agree anatomy and physiology are extremely important fundamentals of the nursing cirriculum I fail to see how my knowing the microscopic anatomy of the GI tract (example) will ever be useful... Read More

  1. by   gwt

    Structure and function at the cellular level is the basis of everything we will be doing in the profession. Get a handle on it, and I stress, early, because it carries over into micro, phys chem and pathophysiology! Good Luck!
  2. by   lisabeth
    What I am wondering about is, where does Chemistry come in? Going for BSN? It isnt even listed in the RN program at my school I guess all schools are different.
  3. by   WannaBRN4
    I thought the same thing at first. What does chem have to do with it. When you get intoo clinicals and start doing fluids and electrolytes and acids and bases you will see where it comes from. It actually has a lot to do with nursing. I agree with an earlier post that when you are working with real people you want to know everything even down to the molecular level.
  4. by   gwt
    Ditto on the lytes! A backgroung in gen chem and phys chem go a long way to understanding. A few kids in the ADN program had a huge struggle with this concept as well as others. One thing I like about the pre reques in the BSN program is that the preparation takes a load off as far as extra studying, allows more time for the case studies!
  5. by   lisabeth
    I guess I will take it when they advise me to. It isnt even listed for the RN program.:uhoh21: